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The village puxin is a traditional countryside. It has a population of 30,000, and is situated in the centre of the city Changhua – in between the towns Yuanlin and Sihu , the villages Dacun and Yongjing. According to the history, the village puxin used to be called “Da puxin” (large puxin), and in year 1920 it was changed to “Posin” which was pronounced similarly with the original name in Taiwanese. In year 1945, the villagers felt that the original name was much more meaningful, so the name of the village was changed back to “puxin”. (In chinese, Pu means wasteland and Xin means centre. The villagers thought “puxin” symbolizes that when the ancestor first got onto puxin, it was a “wasteland” and only the “central” area is suitable for living, thus the name “puxin”)
puxin has an enormous amount of places of historic interest, “willow along the river” used to be one of the best eight sceneries in the city Changhua. The construction of it was finished in 1945, where the river was surrounded by willow trees and an elegant pavilion in the shape of Eight Trigrams (Eight Trigrams is a set of symbolic signs created in ancient China) was built on the west side of the shore. There were also 10 wooden boats for tourists to travel around the river. However, due to the changes in economical status, the exquisite scenery was replaced by industrial sewage and garbage. Those leisurable moments of rowing boats on the river can now only be recalled in memories.
Furthermore, the old homestead of a great man – Yao-Nan Huang from the Manchu Dynasty (1644-1911) was located in puxin. The first Catholic Church in central Taiwan– Church Luocuo was also situated in puxin. In 1875, a villager from Lucuo – Xin Tu went to the city Kaohsiung for business, and he was touched when he heard the Father explaining the religious principles of Christianity. As soon as he got back to puxin, he invited the Father from Kaohsiung to Lucuo and built Church Lucuo. At the same time, he established the first Christian school, the first orphanage in central Taiwan, and he also introduced the first western music band. In 2002, Church Lucuo was voted as one of the “100 best historical buildings in Taiwan”. Church Lucuo had gone through four major renovations in the past hundred years. Its appearance may be different, but the way it consoles everyone’s heart had always remained the same.
puxin also has the only temple in Changhua – Temple Jhongyi as well as a number of traditional houses which carry historical significance. The well-known person has already constructed Babaoer Canal of Shi-Qing Huang, the foundation Singsiian sings Pu-Zao Huang of club, “Ms. Sulan wants to get married”sing at first San-Yuan Huang etc.
puxin is a subtropical area, and its temperature, humidity and sunshine are all very suitable for living and cultivation. Apart from the area between Cyongjiiao and Lucuo, all the other areas of puxin are the perfect environments for crops. “puxin’s popular 3” which had gained national reputation include grapes, guavas and mangoes. The exceptional quality of these fruits has led them to become the most famous souvenir from Changhua.
The administrative chief of the village puxin – Ping-Zun Xu is expecting to bring puxin to a new level. During his time of service, he’s going to have a complete plan for the entire puxin, including widening important roads, building retail shops, planning for leisure locations… and more, both in buildings and facilities. He will do what was promised with the hope of making puxin a “magnificent”, “superior” “large puxin”.


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